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A network of Notre Dame moms, dedicated to supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. Feel free to reach out to any of the BEST "Go-To" People with any questions or concerns you may have.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lacation Space Update

I thought I would give a quick update on the lactation space efforts. There is a new space in the Lower Level Grace Hall ladies room lounge. Here's the word from Jessica:

Grace Hall now has new furniture and a temporary curtain. We are still trying to make this location secure and improve the space with a replacement for the curtain.
Two other locations are still being finalized – Hesburgh Library and DeBartolo Hall. We are awaiting construction pricing to confirm these two are reasonable locations.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice BBC article on mom's benefits

Breastfeeding 'protects mother'

Women who breastfeed their babies may be lowering their own risk of a heart attack, heart disease or stroke, research suggests.

A US study found women who breastfed for more than a year were 10% less likely to develop the conditions than those who never breastfed. ...

[Read the entire article]

Friday, February 6, 2009

Second hand fenugreek?

I wonder if the lactating women of New York noticed a boost in their milk supplies in October 2005 with the fenugreek (herb that boosts milk supply) wafting through the air....
NEW YORK (Reuters) – A mysterious, maple syrup-like odour that has periodically wafted over New York City since October 2005 has been linked to New Jersey fragrance processing plants, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Thursday.
Fragrance and food additive factories in nearby New Jersey where fenugreek seeds are processed are the "probable source" of the odour, Bloomberg told a news conference at City Hall.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

“When breastfeeding is accepted, it won’t be noticed.”

There's a new advertising campaign in Marin County, CA, to promote aware and acceptance of breastfeeding in public. According to an article on,
... A series of life-sized photographs of women breastfeeding their babies, cut-out and plastered on poster board, is all part of an eye-catching campaign to encourage and promote the acceptance of breastfeeding in public. ...
Each of the figures holds a card which reads, “When breastfeeding is accepted, it won’t be noticed."

What an excellent idea, I'd love to put some of these up during home football games!