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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lactation rooms on campus!

We're excited to report that Jessica has been working with the ND Space Management Committee on a proposal for some dedicated space for lactation rooms around campus. We wanted to run some of they key points of the proposal by all our BEST mom experts for feedback. Please either comment right on this blog entry, or feel free to send Sara or me an e-mail. (links to the right.) We'll keep you posted as we learn more about when the lactation rooms will be available.

The Indiana state legislature enacted a law on July 1, 2008 requiring all employers with 25+ employees to accommodate individuals’ needs to pump and store breast milk at work.

Based on research and talking with other universities we have identified the following recommendations for the University of Notre Dame:


Locations: Provide four locations across campus, in areas with large populations of female employees who work in shared environments.

Four originally suggested areas include:
Grace or Flanner
Hesburgh Library
Mendoza College of Business
LaFortune Student Center (possible public site)

Approved space:
Hesburgh Library
McKenna Hall or Hesburgh Center

Space and other Requirements:
Each location should be a minimum of 7 feet by 7 feet
Close proximity to a sink
Electrical outlet
2 gliders/recliners
Table (or two)
Private and secure
Changing table
Blinds on windows (if applicable)
Tri-fold screen that can be used between gliders/chairs

A lactation room privacy symbol was developed by the University of Michigan and is available for our use on each of our lactation room doors.
We are looking into giving women access with their ND ID cards (similar to access to the Faculty/Staff Weight Room in the Joyce Center).
We will also intend to provide each nursing mom:
An insulated cooler bag for milk storage.
We are also looking into providing a subsidy for a breast pump for each nursing employee.

Other items to consider purchasing:
CD player
Water cooler


cdettlin said...

Sounds wonderful to me! Chairs would be wonderful. Currently I use a bathroom in Flanner Hall and pull an office chair into it everytime. I feel so disruptive with the noise of it all. Thanks for looking into this.

Robin said...

Hesburgh's planning a renovation in the next few years so I was just wondering if someone has a lactation room on their list for that? The current 'lactation room' leaves some room for improvement but at least there is one!

embotka80 said...

Hi, I know the original post was from ages ago, but I just started back to work two weeks ago and am having a crazy time trying to find time and space to pump.

I was wondering if there ever was anything further done about the idea of having a lactation room @ LaFun.

I work midnights for security, so I'm never in the same building all day (or I should say night) and never the same buildings two nights in a row.

I do not want to give up breastfeeding just because my job makes it hard for me to pump to feed my baby and keep my supply up.

Any suggestions or new information?