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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lactation Rooms on campus!!

This is a big step forward in support of breastfeeding on campus! Thanks to Jessica Brookshire from Human Resources for her leadership and perseverance on this effort.

The University is pleased to announce the availability of three general lactation areas on campus for faculty, staff, and graduate students to support women balancing their work and study commitments with their needs as mothers of young children. Each campus location offers a quiet, clean, and secure environment for women who need to express breast milk during their time on campus.

Lactation rooms are located in the Hesburgh Library, DeBartolo Hall and Grace Hall. Employees will be able to access the rooms with their Notre Dame ID card. Employees can request lactation room access by visiting or contact askHR at (574) 631-5900 for additional information.

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Mrs Campbell said...

While I applaud the efforts of Notre Dame to provide these rooms on campus, I'm somewhat bothered by a few things.

Why are these advertised for faculty, staff, and graduate students only. While nursing undergrads are rare, they do exist, as well as spouses of students and staff. In fact, many nursing mothers live on campus at University Village. Are they excluded from these rooms? Shouldn't any nursing mother with a ND ID card be able to gain access?

Also, they are called 'Lactation Rooms'. Pumping is the only activity that's mentioned. Is actual breast feeding discouraged?

A few weeks ago I tried to get into the lactation room at the library while holding my hungry, crying infant. It was locked. I went to the security desk and was told they have no access to the room and can't open the door. This was rather inconvenient, and also raises a serious question of safety. I called the HR number that was posted and was told there would be a two week wait to gain access. The lady on the other end of the line could hear my crying baby and even she seemed to think it was a little ridiculous. I fed my hungry baby in my husband's study carrel.

Will these issues be addressed?